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7/1/2008 Mary David, you have absolutely changed my life. When I finally meet you I will wash your feet and sing you all of my praises. (whitheld by request)
6/14/2008 Bruce Baxter I knew the Gulassa brothers from Renaissance Art School in Oakland back in the 70's. I just heard about this and it is so sad to come upon this news. I believe that David is in a good place now. Even at a young age, David, Brian and the rest of the Gulassa family were caring, gentle people. All of them very talented and creative. I learned a lot from Brian and David, they always had time to help me advance my creative skills, always very patient and willing to help. David had a big heart and his presence in this world might be over, but his memory and spirit will never be forgotten. My condolences to the Gulassa family. magusat999@gmail.com
2/7/2008 Cheryl Pegues

Hi Gulassas, and Barrett and others,

(Hi David!) Today I am teaching at TEVA (Pharmaceutics) in La Défense, and I was telling one of my students about my clock that David fixed for me, and how he made a perfect little fender to replace the original one that was so perfect that it is impossible to
distinguish it from the original, and that the clock still works today, even though it was made in 1938 (it's a MasterCrafter - it has a faux fireplace in it that looks really real when it's running). And I started remembering Snohomish, and the waterfall near Index -
what's it called? and sushi and champagne there - remember Barrett? -
and the party at the shop in Freemont when 12 year old Hannah thought all those cute fashion boys were straight (poor disappointed girl), and the few beautiful things I have here in Paris that David made, and I'm glad to be carrying all these things with me today, in my heart still, after so long. David was many things (and many I wouldn't mention here), and though I miss him, it's nice that he's still here living inside my heart.

12/14/2004 Christine Russo

My name is Christine Russo and I worked with David 10 years ago when I was at J. Crew. I moved to Kenneth Cole 9 years ago and he and I spoke about doing work together. It seems like yesterday that we spoke about it and tried to set up a meeting in New York. I went on-line today to see about calling him and am in utter shock at what I saw.

I lost someone close to me tragically (also in 2001) and I can only imagine what life was like for all of you in the winter of 2001. I'm only now feeling like myself again and hope that all of you, his coworkers and his family, are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

What a tragedy.

My thoughts are with you.

10/17/2004 Sara Stagg

Dear Tracy,
I am sending heartfelt support for
you and your daughter. My son lost his dad when he was four yrs old. I hope your daughter is doing as well. The little ones have an uncanny ability to take life as it is, and can give us adults the strength to carry on.

I am remodeling in Malibu. Came across the Co ad in one of the house magazines. The circumstances that befell GULASSA are tragic. I will be proud to house your designs as a testament to David's beauty and spirit.

10/11/2004 Maury Cohen The world is a strange, funny and inter-linked place. Goodbye David, maybe see you later… Maury@lowepro.com
3/17/2004 Ruth M'Rav-Jankelowitz

Dear Gulassa family and company,

I was shocked to learn of your loss and would like to wish you all long life and strength. It is a great loss to humanity and to the design world.

I met David at his workshop many years ago and worked there as an apprentice for design school credits. I was a foreign student from Israel - then Ruth Rabinowitz- and I just loved working at the workshop. David and his crew where a fantastic inspiration and a huge boiling pot of creativity and individuality. The energy was all positive and the kindness and generosity filled the work space. I couldn't wait for my Gulassa days....

His work and attitude have influenced me in my work ever since.

Please accept my deepest condolences and I wish you all much strength and much mourn your great loss.....

Be strong

Ruth M'Rav-Jankelowitz
Interior Designer

8/11/03 Maria Cabardo I am truly sorry and saddened to hear the news. I just found out today. I have met David when I was still working for Wizards of the Coast, and have since then tried my very best to work with him all the time. He was a most gifted individual, and a very decent man. He was inspiring to work with and belongs to that rare breed of true artists whose vision changes the world. My condolences to his family... MariaCabardo@aol.com
8/4/03 Molly (King) Brown I recently heard of David's death from a mutual friend. To David's family; parents, siblings, wife and child, I am so sorry for your loss. I knew David when we were teens. Back then he was a quiet, kind, gentle and creative young man. I can see from the photographs that his smile as an adult was the same wonderful smile from when he was young. I met David and his sister Lise at Renaissance school, where I was lucky enough to meet many great friends. Like many other kids, the experience at Renaissance School changed the course of my life in a very positive way. David will be remembered. bryanlives@earthlink.net
5/1/03 Sparrow King

I am sorry to hear about David. I work at a similar fabrication company in New York and came accross his obituary by chance.

I know the Gulassa family from a long time ago when I lived in the Bay Area. I only met David twice but his whole family made a huge impression on me with their genuine warmth and the closeness between them. My thoughts go out to all of you.



Hollyce (Fagerhaugh)

Dear Gulassa family,

It has been many years since I have seen any of you, but the influence your
family has had on my life, is so strong, still to this day. I remember, as if
it were yesterday running up and down the stairs of your magical home,
feeling as though I had been transformed into the pages of some wonderful Victorian novel. I think that if I had not had the opportunity to attend the Renaissance school and become friends with Lise and David I would have
traveled I much different road. Certainly one less colorful, less filled with appreciation for the subtle beauty and feelings that everyday objects, and things from the past can bestow on us. I am sorry that I did not hear of the memorial service in time to attend. Please accept my belated sympathy for
your loss.

David of course, will always hold for me, that most special of places in a woman's heart, of, my first romance. I still have some sweet, beautiful letters, that he wrote as part of our make believe Victorian world, I was "Kate" he was "Robert" and Lise was "Victoria"(?). Dancing with David in the moonlight, dressed in gowns and uniforms, in the monastery is one of my most cherished memories. Until very recently I had the jacket that he had worn on those evenings.Unfortunatly the moths finally got the better of it, if they had not, I would have sent it to Ava.

Although we had not remained close, I had heard of David's works and success
throughout the years, both from old friends and new. I was never surprised to hear how respected he was. I feel extremely lucky to have known, even for a brief time such a bright star as his.

My heart goes out to all of you, his family, friends, and beautiful wife and
daughter. I know his spirit will shine on and on.


Hollyce (Fagerhaugh)

11/22/01 Andras Lacfi I am Andras Lacfi, a long-time friend of Cyrille Gulassa, from Budapest, Hungary. I belong to the unlucky majority of people who never had a chance to meet David, but heard his name come up in conversation every now and then during the years I've known his sister, and he was mentioned only in superlatives. I've had the privilege though to enjoy Gulassa hospitality years ago, during a visit to SF, and met his parents, several times in my hometown too. One does get a tiny sample of the beautiful feelings he left behind in people who knew him reading this page, and it is heartbreaking to see wonderful people, like his family dealing with such loss. My heart goes out especially to Cyrille, who ment a lot to me, a long time ago. AL andras@lacfi.hu
6/27/01 Kathleen Barry

My name is Kathleen Barry and in 1998, David and his team created a train bed for my then-3 year old son, EJ, who was recovering from cancer. David was such a joy. It was clear he was having enormous fun designing and building this beautiful bed. I remember having to remind some of the guys we weren't building a real train, but the bed that resulted is truly breathtaking. It looks like a real train!

At the time we were working with Make A Wish and David on the train bed, EJ was still very ill. He could hardly walk, but David and the team kept saying things like: "when he's ready he'll want to climb up there . . . remember to make it strong enough to hold a six year old . . . " and things like that, which gave me the idea David believed my son would live and thrive. Just that belief in the life of my kid was an enormous gift for me then. Happily, David was right. EJ is growing and climbing all over his bed. When he's in trouble, EJ loves to run into his room and straddle the train's smoke stack because he thinks I can't get him down from there (he's wrong, by the way)! I hope you can open the attached .jpg file picture of EJ, taken last fall at the beach at La Push. Maybe the folks who worked on his bed at Gulassa and Co. will want to see it.

I stumbled across this web site today, researching something completely different. I am deeply saddened by David's loss and I wanted his family to know how much he touched us, and that his work still adds beauty and fun to our lives every day. God bless.

6/16/01 Alex Black


Though, for many years, I had not met David Gulassa, I felt like I new him well through his family and friends. Stories about his way, evidence of his past works in and on the family house and ongoing news of his works up in Seattle gave David almost legendary status in my mind. He was not only described as a great creator, but also as one who had boundless enthusiasm that encouraged others to create as freely.

A couple of years ago, at Kirk and Lesli van Moon’s wedding, I had installed a series of totems meant to lead people to the wedding site. Everything had gone well and I was pleased with the result. …Until David approached me.

He asked, "Hey, are you the guy who made the sculptures?"

Suddenly, I lost my ground. I figured I was gonna get a good Gulassa style dressing down. Surely David wouldn’t be offering anything positive. These things must look like child’s play to him. Hell, I was admiring the bronzed medallions he did for the City of San Francisco out at Ocean beach for years before I started getting serious about my art. Plus, us guys don’t just solicit free encouragement to each other that freely. No… here comes my first scathing critique I told myself, and from a critic who I respect – Damn. I leaned in a little and braced,

"Yeah, I’m the guy who did the sculpture."

David smiled widely and said, "I really like them."

Good luck on your next journey David.


6/7/2001 Matthew bietz

I will never forget the first time I met David on a tour of his metal shop with a professor of mine from the University of Washington.

My first thought was, "I have to get a job here." there was something about the place that just oozed energy and intrigue, that I couldn't put into words, but I absolutely felt. I got a job there that summer after a short conversation with David from the roof of the woodshop, that went like this:

"Do you know how to weld?"
"No, not yet, but I push a mean broom"
"I like your attitude, you're hired"

Soon after starting to work there I realized the source of energy was David.

I later learned how to weld and grind, fold, cut, crush, stretch, torch, and break things, and generally have an incredible experience making things in that artists playground. I also received an impromptu class in the meaning of material, as David would relate his manifesto for design in the form of one liners and short anecdotes.

The source of that energy has left the building, but the collection of material in the "outdoor employee lounge" reminds me of him each time I walk by. On some days, I think I see his cowboy hat wandering through the forest of pitted steel holding that trademark cup of tea.

He will be greatly missed.I had so much more to learn from him.

5/28/01 Renee Melchert Thorpe

I knew the Gulassa family from my time at Chabot Elementary School and Renaissance School.

David was something of a trendsetter at Renaissance. A lot of kids started to imitate his draughting style, the way art students will imitate the work of a beloved instructor's. He was such a soft-spoken boy, but not out of insecurity. Some of us budding artists there had a tendency to be loud attention-getters, but David was a quiet little genius, going about his projects without need of approval. He had a lot of artistic integrity. His sweet and friendly way was a virtue so rarely practiced in a world that is riddled with competition, greed, and reproach.

At Renaissance, the Gulassas helped set a tone of fantasy and freedom. David's sister Lise was arguably the most admired female student there, and David brought his own wealth of ideas and thirst for exploration of all kinds. Some junior high trends directly traceable to the Gulassas: Victorian ballroom dancing (imagine a linoleum-floor classroom filled with 13 year olds in Edwardian dress, waltzing to the Blue Danube), Rapidograph 5x0 pens, cloth Rapidograph pen holders worn round the neck, usually of crazy quilt design; and Sgt Pepper-style jackets. That school was full of interesting, creative kids who introduced each other to new ideas, and David was part of that ingenuous energy. I would guess that for most of us, those few years were the peak of our great innocence and idealism. It is obvious that David really never stopped exploring, never limited the reach of his creative skills.

My mother, who still lives in Rockridge, recently sent me a clipping of David's obituary notice, written by Cyril in the community circular. I was so shocked and saddened. But because I had lost touch with Lise sometime between her trip to Japan and my own move here to Hong Kong, I had known nothing of David's successful design and fabricating business.

Reading Cyril's memorium of David, and visiting this website, I have realized that David led a life far fuller than the average person. I have now learned about his amazing life after Renaissance. He traveled, collected, invented, dreamed, wore cool hats, fathered a beloved little girl, married a gorgeous and warm woman, celebrated life. While I am sorry that I never got to know this extraordinary man, I treasure my memories of this extraordinary boy.

Thank you for this opportunity.

5/21/2001 Myrna Quinn Hello! It is May 21, 2001, Edmonton,Alberta. I have been reading the eulogies and reflecting with "Lottsa Gulassas". We are with you in SPIRIT. Myrna Quinn, Family Friend. kquinn@connect.ab.ca
5/1/2001 Dean Wolf

Dear Cyril and Harriet and the Gulassa Family,

Thank you SO much for sharing your memories of David with us. I can't even begin to describe how deeply affected, and moved I felt after visiting his memorial website. The pictures and memories of David tell the story of his warmth, his generousity, his compassion, and his appreciation of life and the beautiy around him. I feel deeply saddened that I never had the chance to meet him, for it is only now that I have learned what a truely magical and inspiring person he was. You have an amazing family. So expressive, creative, and supportive. I would love very much to spend more time getting to know the two of you and your family, and to hear more inspiring tales of David.

Love, --Dean Wolf 5442 Boyd Ave Oakland CA 94618

"Live life with no regrets!"

3/29/2001 John Potis Every encounter with my California Gulassas have been vibrant and memorable glimpses into the lives of people who seem to naturally lead lives of beauty and adventure. I suppose that image is made stronger by the rarity of each visit. David was one of the more elusive of my cousins, and I can only remember one or two encounters with him in person, separated by a decade or so. He was happy and justifiably proud of his accomplishments the last time I saw him.

My work would sometimes cause me to call a foundry in Seattle for custom work. The first time I called the foundry, I mentioned that I had a cousin that may have worked with them in the past. The response was "David! He's the most talented person I know! Just talked to him today. Great guy. Do you know him?" Sadly, I would have to say no. I have read a few articles about him and his adventures in a magazine, though. Bicycle touring around the world, church and motorboat restoration, the creation of his own studio and working with leading Architects...in all of that I see a life of few regrets.

I know my connection with David is extremely tenuous, but he has touched my life in a positive way, encouraging me to use my own gifts to create beautiful and memorable things. Thank you, David.

3/19/2001 kai-uwe bergmann to gulassa - to take care,
to do things well, to live
for the moment, to search
for the meaning of things,
to see the hand, to discover
the essence, to allow subtlety
to shine, to empower those
around you, to inspire through
your actions and life

david contributed a new verb
to the english language

my thoughts will always go out
to the gulassa family, tracy, and
3/16/2001 Steven Miller As an aspiring designer of furniture and interiors I recently became familar with the amazing talent of David Gulassa. I am sticken with sadness to learn of his death. His talent will continue to inspire me and countless others. My heart goes out to those that knew and loved him. Steven@tondesign.com
3/11/2001 Brenda Walker I only met David once at his parent's home and knew there would be many other occasions to meet and get to know him. I'm sorry I will not have that opportunity. I am happy I was present to hear the warm and wonderful stories others were able to experience and share with us at the Memorial Service. My heart goes out to the whole Gulassa family and wish there were some way to ease the pain of their loss. bbibi2@cs.com
3/10/2001 Jennifer Grbich - Eric & Semo too. I've met David a few times and unfortunately I didn't get to know him. After hearing stories from Eric and reading all the messages here, David seemed to have had many special gifts personally and creatively, I'm sad that I didn't get to see these...Our hearts and sympathies go out to the Gulassa family, Tracy, and baby Ava. grbichj@peoplesoft.com
3/7/2001 Robert and Norah Brower We have never met David. We have seen David through his many drawings and works at his proud parents home and through these various obituries.. Knowing Cyril and Harriet, it is not difficult to understand David's drive and energy..
The apple does not fall far from the tree..
3/3/2001 Bill Hartney All love and sympathy to the fabulous and enduring Gulassas. info@berkeleyenglishacademy.com
3/1/2001 Don van Druten I am still shocked that David's incredible creativity and love have been cut short. He exemplified all that the Gulassa family is about - he was so talented and such a loving, humble person. I will miss him dearly, but always remember him and the places he visited in my life.
My deepest love to all the Gulassas and their loved ones.
Don van Druten
2/8/2001 Charlie and Trish West Dear Gulassa Family,
Please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved son. Although we never had the honor of meeting David, reading the touching remembrances of his family and friends makes it clear that he was a remarkable man who will be greatly missed.
2/7/2001 Lorianne Masuoka To the family of David Gulassa. My heart goes out to you - I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to have discovered him and his art sooner. Sincerely, a fellow Rockridge resident. Lorianne_Masuoka@msn.com
2/5/2001 Michael Bogart David will live on in our hearts and minds. We'll all miss him dearly. I'm grateful for having known him and appreciate his wonderful family even more. They have enhanced my life more than they'll ever know. bogartzone@aol.com
2/4/2001 Michael And Debbie Potis It has alway been an honor to point out to others that I had relatives who were able to make a real mark on the world. The whole Gulassa family have displayed their God given tallents for the world to see, and the world is better for it. David has created a legacy that will never end. We will miss him.

Michael and Debbie
2/3/2001 david and susan asbury what a beautiful ,gifted and special man your david was. i'm inspired by his life ,his work and his experiences. but most of all i'm intrigued by his story. it must have been a great honor to be a part of his cast of characters. he truly was a reflection of the family he came from. uncle cy and aunt harriet, harry,lise,cyrille and stephan you all contributed to the special man that he became. most of all i'd like to thank our lord for gifting us with david's presence and spirit. know that we love you all and our prayers and thoughts will be with you always. david and susan and family asbury.david@worldnet.att.net
1/31/2001 Trevor Wilson Brian, Stephan, Lise, Cyrille, Harry, Cyril and Harriet... our thoughts, love and hearts are with you and David. What an incredible person!... Much love, Trevor, Kris, Rebecca, Kit and Roger. dlabs@yahoo.com
1/30/2001 John Lynch My life was only briefly touched by David. His humor and curiousity were what I will remember most about his person. Along with his love for his craft, and the way he worked with his friends in his business. Thank you David for working in metal...It will last and maybe again my life may be touched by something you touched. John Volleyurb@aol.com
1/30/2001 Dean Nichols David was one of the most interesting people I've ever known and his loss will be a blow to all who knew him. One of my best memories was making and hiding Easter baskets at Decatur Island. He had a child like quality that was both disarming and immediately attracted you. My sympathies go to all his family and friends. cedar2323@aol.com
1/29/2001 Adham & Crystal Zibas Loutfi Thanks for the beautiful memorial to a wonderful man - our love goes out to Tracy and Ava, the Gulassas, and all who miss David. AdhamL@compuserve.com
1/29/2001 Mike and Jackie Bezos We are so priviledged to have some of David's phenomenal work in our home. We are saddened by his death and our deepest sympathy is with his family and friends.
1/28/2001 Jimmy and Clareen Dunivin Thank you for sharing this beautiful memorial of David. Our loving thoughts go with you, Cy and Harriet. sassejim@aol.com
1/27/2001 katie carson there is an amazing crew of people david knew and gathered about him, it is a great fan club. This site brings joy.
1/25/2001 Sarah Griffin Thank you for this memorial, I visit incredibly often. I will always have a place in my heart for David, and my prayers are with Tracy,Ava and the whole Gulassa family. sarahcg@pacbell.net
1/21/2001 Jayne Patterson My love to all the Gulassa family, to his partner Tracy, and to little Ava. jaynesanchez@yahoo.com
1/20/2001 Danya,David,Jordan and Jake Thank you for this page. I find that I visit it often.
David will forever remain in our hearts!
We send our love to the Gulassa family.
1/19/2001 Kirk, Lesli and Oliver van Moon Warm regards to the entire Gulassa family. We love you all dearly and are honored to be a part of your family. kirk@lansharks.net
1/19/2001 brian gulassa Hello every one please sign our guestbook!!! bgulassa@pacbell.net

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